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Friday 08th Jun, 2018

New Grants !Credit Union Development Fund!

More about the Credit Union Development Fund !

Managed in partnership with Credit Union Foundation, Lloyds Banking Group's Credit Union Development Fund is designed to strengthen the financial position of credit union and give them the capacity to develop new strategies for sustainable growth. Two kinds of grants are awarded:

Large Awards (of between £50,000 and 100,000)

Seed Awards ( of up to £20,000).

The grants will allow the winning credit unions to increqse the size of their loan book, make higher value and longer term loans, increase their membership and savings deposits to drive income and thereby improve the sustainability of their credit union.

To find more about how the winners are chosen for full terms and conditions please visit the Credit Union Foundation Website.

Some photos taken during this event...

Dolores Beckford, Crownsavers Credit Union Manager's, Edward Thurman, Managing Director of Global Transation Banking and William De Peyer, Crownsavers Board of Director and Treasurer

Robin Bulloch, Managing Director, Lloyds & Bank of Scotland and  Jeremy Quin MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Credit Unions

John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury (City Minister) and William De Peyer, Crownsavers Board of Director and Treasurer

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