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Car Loan

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Are you looking to buy your dream car? Do you need to buy a car for your work? Or are you looking to get a vehicle that is exempt from the Ultra Low Emissions Zone? 

If the answer is yes, then our Car Loan may help you. 


Borrow up to £8000 over 48 months at only 10.5% APR.

If you borrow the maximum you will only re-pay £202.91 every month with only £1,739.13  as the total interest on the loan. 

Ultra Low Emissions Zone

With the ULEZ the Car Loan can save you over £3000 per year in fees, by upgrading your vehicle! This means that over 4 years you would save over £4000 by borrowing the maximum of the Car Loan.



This loan is open to members who have been saving for over 3 months.  This loan is attached to members' savings.

Loan Details:

 Members with a Starter Loan cannot apply for this loan

To apply for this loan please click here


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