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Promotional Loans

Promotional Loans




Apply for our Christmas Loan and take advantage of our promotional rates.

- To apply for you cannot have an outstanding Christmas 2018 loan.

- The last application form and supporting documentations must be submitted by 20th December 2019.

- Loans are offered subject to our promotional loan criteria, your ability to repay and your credit history (obtained from credit rating agencies).

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Existing Christmas Club members are eligible to apply for a Christmas Loan at the lower APR of 8.3%.

The Christmas Savings Club begins in January and you will need to save a minimum of £20 per month. You will then have your savings available from November of the year you start to save.  

Or apply to join by CLICKING HERE


Our promotional are similar to our personal loans and can be used for any purpose, be it, a holiday, home improvement, decor, electrical, white goods or even buying Christmas presents. These loans have special low rates to met each individual short-term needs.

The best part about our promotional loans, is the rates are lower than the usual interest rates.These loans are advertised every year for specific promotional periods. We have three promotions we advertise through out the year, Easter Loan, Summer Loan, and Christmas Loan.

All Promotional Loans are open to members who have had an account for over three months.
Members with a Starter Loan can apply for Promotional Loans after they have repaid six months of their loan.
Members cannot hold or apply for more than two promotional loans at any one time.


Terms and conditions apply. All loans are subject to our Internal Loans Criteria, your borrowing history and your ability to repay. Loan amounts offered including interest paid may be diferent than the advertised amount.



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