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Tuesday 09th Jun, 2020

We are here to help our members during these difficult times - talk to us

We are here to help our members during these difficult times - talk to us

We are here to help you during these difficult times. TALK TO US!

We have seen the devastating impact the coronavirus epidemic has had on our community both emotionally and financially. We know that many members are faced with an increasing amount of financial stress due to uncertainty and the economic effects the Pandemic has had on our economy.

We are here for you. Last month we sent a series of messages explaining the steps we have taken to help members with their finances while ensuring both staff and members are protected from the virus. We are going further.


Emergency Loan - Standard Loan

We have lifted the restrictions on the Standard Loan* meaning that you now:

- Can apply for for the Standard Loan even if you have an existing loan with Crownsavers
- You can top up your loan as many times as necessary (previously only 3 times were allowed)
- The three times your savings rule will no longer apply.
- You will be able to repay over 60 months

To find out more, including the full criteria please follow this link:

*All loans are subject to our loan criteria, your history of borrowing and your ability to repay. 


Emergency Access To Your Savings

If you have a secure loan, We can discuss having access to emergency savings on an individual basis. If you are in financial need please talk to us.


Help With Your Loan

If you do not think that you will be able to afford your repayments for your loan with us get into contact with us as soon as possible. We want to help you to be financially healthy during this crisis, as such we will look at all options to help if you do not think you can repay your loan.


We hope all members keeps safe and well.

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