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LEWISHAM & GREENWICH NHS - Save Directly From Your Salary

We have partnered with Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust to help you improve your financial health, by you joining our Christmas Savings Club and save directly from your salary.

Christmas Savings Club

We offer employees of Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust to join our Christmas Savings Club, allowing you to save directly into your Christmas Savings account from your salary.

How It Works?

It works similar to your pension, where every month you will save a minimum of £20 which you will see on your payslip. In the first week of November, before Christmas 2019, you will be able to access your savings to spend on whatever you want.

When you join you will also become a member of Crownsavers Credit Union and will have access to all the services that we offer.


Crownsavers and Lewisham & Greenwich Hospital

Crownsavers has been helping employees to save more for over 21 years and have worked with Lewisham Hospital for more than 18 years to help staff improve their financial wellbeing. Crownsavers is a mutual not for profit organisation and is ran for the benefit of our members.

We are always looking for ways to improve our members’ financial wellbeing. This is why we set up the Christmas Savings Club, to encourage you to save regularly and to help take the financial stress out of Christmas.

How To Apply?

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