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Supervisory Officers to Join Crownsavers: 

The Supervisory Committee is the credit union’s audit committee – a kind of ‘watchdog’ for the members. Its purpose is to make sure that the credit union operates within the law, the rules and the policies of the credit union and in the best interest of the members. In some credit unions the audits are carried out by staff or consultants but regulatory responsibility remains with the committee. The credit union is required to have a supervisory committee function although the internal audit tasks may be outsourced. In this case the supervisory committee would retain responsibility and oversight for internal audit.

The terms of reference for this committee are determined by credit union rules and regulatory requirements and are the responsibility of the Board.

All elected officers of the credit union must be members of the credit union and are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. All members of the credit union have one vote, regardless of the amount of their savings.
Whilst credit unions may employ staff to manage the credit union on a day to day basis, control lays firmly within the hands of the members, through their elected representatives, the Board of Directors.

 Interested contact at Crownsavers. 0208 698 2996

We are recruiting for volunteer directors to join our board. If you work, volunteer or study within a SE London postcode you will be able to apply to join the board of Crownsavers Credit Union:


If you believe you will be great at helping us to help thousands more workers in SE London with their financial health, apply today. (Click here)




Interested in becoming an elected director of Crownsavers credit union?

Credit unions are co-operatives whose directors are elected by the membership. The Board of Directors has a vital role in providing leadership and direction to the credit union. It is the governing body that determines policy and makes decisions. Credit unions need a diverse range of skills and knowledge to help them develop. Directors are not paid for their work but expenses are usually covered.

Ok, I'm ready. What do I do next?

If you interested in joinig our Board or becoming a committee member please contact the credit union manager below for an informal chat.  This will help you and your credit union decide what you want to do and where your skills can be used most usefully.

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